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Thanks Yoshi =)

Nothing new, a water change is scheduled for tomorrow. female shrimp still berried, juvenile shrimp are growing great. more than 20 of them in there for sure. one adult male shrimp is in there still.

After the female gives birth to her brood, I will begin to slowly convert this tank to soft water. What i will do is mix RO/DI water with some Seachem Equilibrium to get the KH and GH down. then ill use this soft water mix in conjunction to my tap water (which is solid rock) to slowly make the tank into softwater over the course of many water changes.

The soft water is to see how shrimp are able to live in the environment, how it will all effect plant growth, and the ultimate goal is, once I am successful I will be able to order a group of 5 Crystal shrimp to try and grow a colony in this bowl. Will probably get the CRS from someone on this forum.
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