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i have been trying FOREVER to find more otos. petsmart never has them. but id like to try to get them before the sale is over. they wouldve had them today when i went to get more tetras, but they got a small shipment on tuesday because of the nasty weather here.

i got 6 more neons
and i got 3 ghost shrimp. hope they dont become food. and i put a black background on it ( looks great ). the neons are shoaling nicely. occasionally two will go off by themselves, but they always make their way back. i think they are the same ones each time ( idk why they do this ). i fed Leroy when i introduced them, they get along fine Leroy likes to follow them, almost like he wants to be in the school lol, but he is never aggressive. the shrimp are super cool, and you can see the red bloodworm bits inside them when they eat, lol! when he isnt following the neons, Leroy is either practicing flaring or make a bubble nest. does that ( bubble nest ) mean he is happy?

my younger brother named the neons. he named them bluey, goldie, puffy, muffy, fin, and finny. LOL!!

and the one shrimp i can tell apart, i named him Edwardo.

im getting pictures for you right now. shouldnt be much longer

i also cleaed up the algae. root tabs and plants should be here today or tomorrow
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