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5G -Was Shrimp Haven, Now Betta!

Time for journal #2! Since none of us can have just 1 tank lol I had bought 12 Cherry Shrimp a couple months ago to go in my 29G, but after a couple weeks, I noticed I was down to just 4 of them left :/

So I did what I could, and transferred them all into my 1.5G Hex until I could get another tank for them. I was wanting to get an Ebi for this, but the funds didn't work out in time and it wasn't a big deal to me to have it or not so I ended up getting a regular TopFin 5Gallon. I figured at worst, I could derim it and clean up the silicone at some point if I really wanted it to look nice, which right now i don't just yet.

So anyways, setup the 5G with some Floramax Midnight Black(sp?), swapped the stock incandescent for a 6500k 15w CFL, the hood has a decent/ok reflector for it and it seems to work nicely for the plants, defintely have had good growth over the last week. And currently using the stock 15G HOB filter, with seeded media from my SunSun on my 29g, since my 20/50 HOB's won't fit with the stock hood on here and i'm not getting a CF for this *quite* yet.

I put the 4 cherries in here and grabbed 20 more from Malibudandy on Aquabid to put me at 24-25, didn't realize my GH/KH were to high and lost 2 but all the rest are fine and water params are good now. I've slowly acclimated this tank down to 0-1KH and around 2-3GH over the last 3 days to prepare for the new CRS I bought from BSmith that should be here.. Today!

I started dosing when i set this up but have since stopped, just gonna go for root tabs and diy co2 for now. So far so good. Only fish I have is an Oto right now for some algea clean up on the glass. Other than that this will be shrimp only

The current scape is something I threw together super quick just so i could get the shrimp in and whatnot, when my other plants arrive this tank is due for a major rescape so no worries on that. it's gonna change.

Here's a quick FTS I took and the lone oto More to come soon!

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