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Originally Posted by chad320 View Post
Looks good Brandon. The crypts are growing along good. What are you going to do with the BBA? If you spot treat it, be careful of your subwassertang. Im sure you already knew that. Did some of the CRS have babies? It looks like theres more this time. Maybe its from taking the prefilter off and they came out of hiding though. How long have you been using osmocote? I love it for the $$ If you get tired of looking at it, you can poke them back down easily with a dowel rod or something to that effect. Excellent tank, I hope those crypts fill out nice!!!
I'm not going to do a damn thing about it! If your talking about the spot in the small clump of Parva, that has been there for months. Almost as long as I can remember. If your talking about on the DW (which makes sense because of the SWS reference) then again, nothing. That wood has had so much BBA on it over the years I now just look at it as some wood rug! SWS is some weird stuff. Seriously it was at least two years ago that I got a plant pack from some one when it was introduced to the tank. After a few weeks I took it out because I could find no aesthetic value to it whatsoever. But now that it somehow affixed itself to the DW (this DW is a plant Whore, its had every root in it at one time or another since I got it!) I think it looks cool and will allow it to do as it wishes.

With BBA the only time I have found it to be a nuisance is when it is in a high tech tank and its growing on the plants. Sure, a few of the older leaves near to the surface might have a bit but I just trim them if they get to hairy.

My CRS breed like their on hormones or something. Two-Three weeks ago I sent off a lot of them and was certain that I got rid of most the small guys. Its amazing what 3-4 berried females can do in a tank they like the parameters of in a short amount of time.

Its RM complete. I actually forgot I had it in there until you said something.
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