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Hey lasutaku,

Thanks for the input. I'm definitely going to wait a month before I put any fish in there. I've also been turning the co2 off at night and raising the lily pipes. today i noticed that the output flow of the lily pipe seemed a little weak. I took the top off the filter and cleaned off the filter floss type stuff that came with it and hooked it back up. The flow increased dramatically. Amazing how dirty that section of the filter got. I'm thinking about getting a solenoid and hooking it up to a timer. I don't mind adjusting things manually, but in the long run, it seems like just an all around smart purchase. Everything has been growing very well. My nitrites are high as expected and noticed some copepods on the glass today. The first week I was doing 50% water changes. Now I'm doing water changes every other day. I've also been trimming the stems of glosso in the back that were starting to grow tall. It's amazing how quickly that plant sends out runners. I'll probably end up pulling it out and just making the tank HC, but for now, I enjoy monitoring its growth and trimming it short. The water in the tank is almost 100& clear now, after a couple days of aquasoil cloudiness. I really really enjoy this tank. Best, el g

end of week 1 photos

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