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Well, I took my first trip out to Hoffers today. It's an amazing place. Alligators for Christ sake! Some of the displays in the fish area looked kind of dull while others were nothing short of amazing. Not a dead fish in the store, but I did come across a few artificially colored ones...those fish should be illegal to sell....IMO. Even with the fake fish, it's still the best looking pet store in Milwaukee (if not the state) and it has the largest selection. Hardware prices are a little high. I'm looking to buy an Eheim 2026 canister filter. It's $160 online, $270 at Hoffers, and $300 at Aquatics Unlimited. Fish prices were good...I bought 10 more cherry shrimp...$6 each (5 for $25) compared to Aquatics Unlimited $9 each (4 for $30). I would have bought more, but there were not enough left to get the bulk discount. The fish department looked very understaffed. Everyone was practically running from one customer to another. I was listening to the staff s they were helping people, and even with the hectic atmosphere they still took the time to talk about the customerís aquarium, offer advice, or just listen to people who wanted to brag about their set-up. It's a 30 minute drive for me, but definitely a place Iíll be visiting again soon.
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