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i love my driftwood, it creates nice caves and hiding places. the best part was i found it, so it was free

DP stands for Dwarf Puffers. they are cute little buggers

i just set my timer so i can do the siesta thing.

i had my water tested at petco when i got my CAEs. they said it looked good, and when i asked for the exact specs, they said -

ph-around 7
nitrite-around 10

so your saying i will probably not need any dry ferts, if i have the root tabs? im getting the root tabs from another member from the SNS

im not even sure if my sword will even live.. to tell you the truth. it doesnt look so good with the algae. its not too healthy either.

i want to get some kind of carpet plant for the right hand for front. and maybe the left side too
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