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Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
i first planted it june of '10. it had 2 dps.

about a week ago ( 1-7-10) it started to get algae again so i cut the lighting to about 8 hours a day.

flora- 1 echinodorus amazonicus, 1 anubias. i have sone jungle vals and dwarf sag on the way. should be here the same time as the root tabs.
What are dps?

I would try a siesta period with the light. Lights on 3hrs 2x with 3hrs off between. It helped me get rid of string algae. With my tank I have found imbalance of nitrates causes algae. Have you tested your nitrates?

I think with the plants you have root tabs will be enough. What brand did you order? My favorite are the API brand. Find them at LNT cheap with no shipment cost.

The echinodorus amazonicus, will get to big for that tank. Have been told it will even out grow a 30 gallon tank. Perhaps pulling leaves off will slow the growth down.
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