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Orchidman's Medium tech 10g

about time i started a journal.

im not new to fishkeeping, but i am new to planted tanks.

this tank is "technically" my first tank, but ive had it for 3 years, and many different scapes. i first planted it june of '10. it had 2 dps. about 2 weeks later it had an algae bloom, terrible timing, and i hadnt been taking care of it. so the algae got bad. and then the dps died because they got caught in the hair algae.

so i just let the tank go, eventually i did a huge water change and i moved the tank. while i was doing this i cleaned most of the algae off the driftwood and the walls. and set it up in a new location. i also changed out the incandescent to 2 13W cfls, in the stock hood.

about a week ago ( 1-7-10) it started to get algae again so i cut the lighting to about 8 hours a day. but it kept coming. now it has a light dusting on EVERYTHING with a heavier "dusting" on the driftwood :\

it is low-tech and no co2

in not sure if i have too much light though.

i will order some dry ferts from gla and some metricide 14 when they come back into stock. and i have some root tabs that should be here this week.

it is currently lightly planted, but id like to get it planted heavily.

i plan on getting a total of 1 betta, 3 otos, and maybe 6 cardinal tetras

flora- 1 echinodorus amazonicus, 1 anubias ( nana i think ), and some other small things that i dont know what they are.

fauna- 1 oto

i have sone jungle vals and dwarf sag on the way as well. should be here the same time as the root tabs.

here is the picture, just imagine everything with a light dusting of algae.the lighting isnt realistic in this pic ( off body flash ) and the plants are not healthy anymore, im working on fixing it.

Major rescape page 101

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