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I want to up the lighting on my 7 gal (all-glass). Right now there is the 14w strip light it came with. I want to try and get 20 watts or so over this tank. As it stands, the tank gets about 2 hours of early morning sunlight too. If I can get the light up to 3wpg or so, I will start using CO2 on it also. I have this crazy idea of entering it in the AGA contest. Competition is less fierce in the very small tank category, and it's a really pretty set-up.

Are there any kits out there for this size? BTW it's a 15" bulb.

there are several anubias, some crypts (two kinds) and java fern in the tank, so the lower light is adequate, but doesn't really grow it well, plus I'd really like to be able to grow a "carpet" of some sort in the foreground.


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