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ADG Vibe: 2011 Initiatives

The purpose of ADG Vibe is ultimately one thing: greater interconnectivity with the community that supports aquatics. As the Vibe has grown and become more and more integrated since it's inception in August 2010, we've continually sought out new means and methods on how we can improve the Vibe's mission. As a result - we've got two new initiatives that are geared towards growing the aquarium hobby's interconnectivity.

The first started in late 2010 - The ADG Vibe: Spotlight. We know that many hobbyists out there do excellent aquascaping work and many of those go to great lengths to share their work with the rest of us so we may enjoy the results of their labor. Our first featured Spotlight was on Khoa Pham - a Houston local, and second was on George Farmer from the U.K.

How do you get recognized? It's simple! Just share with us a video of your aquarium layout and we'll periodically choose layouts to share on the Vibe with everyone - because we'd like to reward aquascapers, anyone who we choose to be in the Vibe Spotlight will also receive a free package of ADA goods (such as fish foods, some fertilizers, etc depending on the type of layout they have, be it hardscape, planted, reef, etc), just as a little extra bonus on us!

The second is a new initiative for 2011 - we know that a great many hobbyists and other small businesses either run blogs or are supported through facebook in some way or another, and that effort to grow the hobby should be embraced along and united so that we may all continue to expand the aquarium hobby.

So, in tone with the spirit of interconnectivity, we'd like to share our subscriber base with other aquarium related blogs and organizations supported/hosted on Facebook. So if you run a blog or small business and would like to connect with us - just send us a link to your blog and upon review we'll add it to our favorite pages section to try to share some of our traffic with you! Hardscape, general aquaria, planted, reef, marine? All aspects of the aquarium hobby are candidates!
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