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Thanks Frank. I learned a lot today doing this trim. It's been awhile since I've grown plants other than moss. Everything seems to be doing really well though. New root sprouts on both the glosso and HC. I think that I'm gonna keep the glosso in the background for now and not let it get to the front. I also planted some HC in between the glosso on Friday, so we'll see. Everything is pearling and still no algae in the system. I'm thinking about turning the co2 completely off at night. Doesn't make any sense to keep it on when the lights are off. I usually don't turn it off at night because I'm lazy, but will probably have to when I put the fish in.

When amano talks about aerating with his lily pipes for 14 hours when the lights are off, is that essentially done by raising the lily pipe to break the surface tension? I'm also wondering when to add the fish. So far, 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite. I'm wondering if I should wait for the HC and glosso to kick off before adding fish to avoid excessive nitrates in the water column and algae blooms. any thoughts?
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