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accordztechs shrimp tank --->Picture update

So for my second tank I decided on doing a shrimp tank in my JBJ 12g Nano I had laying around. It serves its purpose with lights, and a shrimp safe filtration system, and a cannopy cover. I built a stand for it, never could sell it, but never fiqured out what to put in it.

I been doing quite a bit of reading on shrimps but perhaps not enough.

Co2: yes pressurized via powerhead reactor in the back of the tank. 3bps.
Lighting: 2x24 pc.
Plants: needle leaf java fern, glosso
Decor: some White sand....ADA aquasoil on bottom, then slate to create a raise, then black fourite sand to make a mountain and hold plants.

Kinda bit off of the design of msnnikkistars tank, but I am giving her credit here =)


1. Im wondering if I should put ferts like greensand, kelp meal, and bone meal under the flourite like I did in my EI 55 gallon.To late
2. Should I dose EI method with nitrate, csm+b, and phosphates like I do in my other tank? I will watch the plants, if they show difficiency ill do it.
3. will styrogene 49 be fine without co2?

Current Picture

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