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10g de-rimmed w/ Ryuho stones journal

I figured i'd start a journal now that i finally got my 10g running. This is one of 2 10g's i have side-by-side. This one is yet to be fully cycled but my other 10g is. SO...

standard sized 10g tank from Petco. De-rimmed. Stand is DIY

T8 48" Shop light from HD. 32W ea., 2 total. Painted the black part flat white for better reflection. Light is being hung from ceiling.

10# aluminum tank. Concoa 2 stage reg. Post body kit built by Yikesjason, 3 way manifold w/ 3 NV55's and 3 JBJ BC's, 6 total brass check valves. ISTA CO2 indicator. Regular nano ceramic diffuser. This set up will eventually be supplying my 2 10g's and my 55g.

Ryuoh stone and Slim Line background bought online

4L of Aquasoil

EI Dry dosing and RM root tabs

Eheim 2213. Intake has a fluval sponge

will house shrimp, which? not sure yet

Glossostigma elatinoides
Echinodorus Angustifolia
Echinodorus Tenellus

I have Tropica 049 and Blyxa in the mail but i'm not sure if i will use the Blyxa in this tank. The 049 will for sure and will be placed as mid-ground.


I also have a build thread for everything including the stands and such which is in my signature. Any questions/suggestions are welcome

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