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Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
The snails question is interesting and is very actively enforced, strangely enough. Will, the young man at AquaTek here in Austin who is very into the hobby relayed a recent story to me personally while I was speaking to him about the ban. For one, apple snails are illegal as Hell (no pun intended) in Texas. His girlfriend had a pair and she showed them off in another aquarium forum and sure enough an agent of the TWPD showed up at their doorstep demanding they release the snails to him. He took them and destroyed them and there was no fine.

This is Orwellian and eerie and was just for snails. They traced a young girl through the Internet to get her snails. Whose to say they won't do the same thing to us? Will I have to beg administrators here and on APC to delete my posts where I enumerate what I might be keeping? As a moderator on my home forum at APE will I have to censor myself for my own protection? Mums the word?

Very disconcerting and the outlook is too hazy to take chances and even worse if we do nothing.

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