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Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
Please remember to be courteous when contacting those TWPD representatives. Like I said Dr. Chilton was very receptive when I spoke with him. He said that his office welcomes more feedback and input.

I think that a good main point to convey is that many people are just concerned that this legislation will discourage hobbyists and cause economic damage for people in aquarium-related and horticultural industries.
You guys need to think about it in terms of risk.

A rare obscure plant like Erios pose virtually no risk.
You bet.
Definitely a threat
Not likely.
Some Rotala's? Yes and no, most of the rare interesting plants will not make it to the list since they are all indoor CO2 enriched cultivated plants.

When pond folk get weeds, they add it to their ........pond which is exposed to nature outsdoors/birds etc.

Since few aquarist will save their cull material and release them into a local pond/stream......"composted weeds" pose little risk.

This is a good opportunity for the State to educate and get help form the aquarium community. More eyes and ears and concerned people about the natural resources of the State.

This is a good book for looking at the risk and issues about weeds(all species)

What factors influence the invasibility of aquatic weeds?
What would be an ideal weed?

Humans transporting weeds all over the place adds risk obviously.
But are these humans releasing these into the environment or composting them?

Few hobbyist will toss the weeds into a lake, adn cute fish that got too large?

Very likely.

So why not outlaw all tropical fish(except a white list??)
They pose a larger risk to the State than aquatic plants do.


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