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Originally Posted by Caton View Post
How do they even know about Hygrophila pinnatifida? As far as I know, it is going for about $20-$40 a stem right now! I almost wish it was invasive right now, then I can make lots of $$$. Some of those plants are rare, most only experienced people keep. Maybe if they were to simply make it so you have to pay a $10 fee to get a permit and watch a video that would at least not ruin LFS's and honest people who BURN their invasive plants. I know that most of you may think $10 for a permit and having to watch a video may not sound fun, but what if you can't get even that? What if you can't keep plants at all? We can't even keep a stem of a plant that isn't invasive in either the aquarium or in the wild....
If you look though those lists there are a number of species that seem to indicate their review process was hasty, arbitrary and unscientific. These are good point to raise when contacting their office.
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