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Thanks for all the positive comments. I'm really excited about this tank and am very happy to finally have it up and running. My nitrites are around .2, but I'm glad that I've had the eheim running on another tank before setting this one up. I'm going to keep doing the 50% water change each day until Friday (1 week after planning). The water is still a little cloudy before each water change from the Aquasoil. I added some more clear super to the water column after a water change today. I can't imagine that it hurt. I'm looking forward to getting the tank cycled and then adding the white clouds. I could probably add them sooner because they are such a hardy fish, but I'd rather stay patient and stay the course. Still no signs of any algae, but I know that it is right around the corner. The HC and Glosso are doing well so far. And I feel quite happy with my daily dose of 1ml potassium and .5ml of seachem comprehensive. I wonder if anybody out there is using these products for their minis. I'm also very happy with the solar mini m light. I had been contemplating a clip on light or hampton before this purchase, but decided to stick with the solar mainly for quality and overall coherency with these tanks. I couldn't be happier. Reading the above posts, it sounds like ADG needs to get more of these lights. They're awesome and I dig it! (I'm currently watching my cat stare down into the tank for the first time. It's making me a little nervous, but I'm glad that I have a glass top that I put on when I'm away or asleep. He seems more interested in knocking over my test tubes and dosing syringes more than getting a face full of water). By the way, I'm happy to read that some have spotted the drop checker. It works like a charm. If you are contemplating one for a tank and have some aroma therapy oils laying around, I say go for it and make one!!

Thanks again for the nice comments. I am really looking forward to posting updates of this tanks progress. much love, el g.
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