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Originally Posted by depthC
Keep us posted with lots more images .

Careful what you wish for.

Here is a link to all the pics for my tanks (and more) if interested.

As for the 10 gal i just planted some glosso and baby tears. Hopefully i have enough light for them to stay growing horizontal and not vertical.

Pic of the my baby black molly.

As you can see in the pic above, i am having some problems with hair algae that came with the riccia. The baby fry have been picking at it but not enough to make a dent in reducing it. WHat can i do to without adding any aggressive fish, to help fight this algae? I already put an otto and 2 amano shrimp in this tank but the shrimp just stay in the shaded areas and the otto perfers to snack on the brown algae which was starting to creep up since i didn't have any clean-up crew scavangers in there. Should i wait a week and see what happens or should i just reduce the amount of hours the light is on?

Flourish 1ml 1X week
Flora plant couple drops 2-3X week
Light on 11 hours per day

Suggestions and comments welcome.

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