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Originally Posted by Betta Maniac View Post
IMO some kind of "dirt" is best. Whether this means ADA's expensive aquasoil or a Wallstad set up is less important though:

There's a ton of info on "dirt" over in the substrate section of this forum. I'm thinking of doing a walstad-type set-up and topping with ADA (cause I like the look of it) for my next tank.
Thanks for the link. I've thought about that exact same idea...of course someone has made it popular already. It's such a simple but amazing idea...make an ecosystem in a smaller portion. BRILLIANT!

Originally Posted by Karackle View Post
I've found that simple eco-complete is a great substrate for low tech aquariums. All of my tanks are low tech and I actually just have plain gravel in 2 of them though, with some root tabs, the plants do just fine. Also, the plants will do just fine in the gravel without the rock wool, probably better to remove them from it sooner rather than later so the roots don't get too entangled in it causing you to pull them off if you wait to remove the rock wool
Thanks I'll try that and see how they fair. It'll have to happen eventually and might as well make it an easier transition.

Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
This is how I started. My plants did fine in normal gravel.. Except the mini sword. I gave up on it.

Looks like a good start.

Friendly tip- try changing the background, or removing it completely, I really takes away from your stunning betta

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I was thinking about that too when I made it :/ It hides Pax quite a bit. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the suggestion.
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