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This week's developemet... Algae!!!

Some brown diatom, you can see it on the rock on the left and a bit on the sand in this crumby camera phone pic.

Wish I wasn't at my stocking limit. I have kept otts in the past and they seem to love this stuff. Oh well, I have read that it is not uncommon in new setups and should go away on its own eventually.

I also started forming a bit of hair algae. To me this was a sign of too much light. I raised the light up on its chains about 1.5 inches and haven't seen any new stuff forming...yet.

The Ludwiga is growing like crazy still. I have had to trim it back severly to keep it from growing over the top and shading the rest of the tank.

The HC too is growing/spreading slowly but surely.

I have yet to see any real progress with that narrow leaf sword. Now it is forming diatom on its tips and starting to look like crap.

The flame moss.... I live in the North country and when It arrived in the mail it was a block of ice essentially. I have no experience with the stuff but know other mosses to be rather resilient. It looks like it isn't doing well but I figure I might as well give it another couple of weeks to see if it will bounce back. If not, it is slated to be removed.
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