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10760 Manchester part II Mini-M/Cryptocoryne+CRS playground

The other thread for this tank encompassed over 35 pages and 3 years and 3 months of my journey from Planted Idiot to whatever I am now. So figured it was time to start a fresh one because this tank is completely different in just about every aspect from what it once was.

Here is the old thread if you want some background info.

I hope you enjoy the journey, 10760 Manchester part II Mini-M/Cryptocoryne+CRS playground.

The tank- ADA Mini-M
Lighting- Walmart aluminum desk lamp with a 13w spiral CFL
Substrate- ADA Aquasoil II Ammazonia
Filter- Eheim 2213

This tank is a low tech place for my CRS. It used to have pressurized Co2 and all that jazz but IME CRS are much happier with nothing else being done to it. They are finicky creatures by nature so why try to make them angry? Since it is low tech plant choice is somewhat limited and I found that Crypts offer such a large variety of choices and are actually quite interesting plants. There is a piece of DW that I have had for a few years and it has had everything from Fissidens, mosses (flame/xmas/java) and whatever else you can think of attached to it. Well if you have ever had an old piece of DW you know that no matter what you do to it ( scrubbed and boiled this thing for over 2 hours twice!) something will remain and sprout back off of it. Right now I believe it has fissidens and peacock moss growing out of it.

My CRS are from some stock I purchased from a member about 2 years ago. The lived happily and became berried when they should have but the babies never survived for more then a couple of days. Over the next 6-8 months they all died except for three from what I believe was old age. As hard headed as I am I thought that because I have AS the shrimp would be just fine if I used my rock hard tap water for WC's. WRONG. So there were three left and I had to make a choice, either let them all die and go back to snowballs or quit being stupid and get a RO system that would not only make your shrimp happy but be great for your discus and your tanks with harder to make happy plants. I purchased this system and ever since then my shrimp have bounced back from the 3 and are now a happy and thriving colony that includes some beautiful S+, SS and even a couple SSS. More about these when I get home maybe. There are also 6 Corydoras Habrosus, 5 clithon coronas (4 bumble bee nerites and 1 black nerite).

I had a good amount of C.Parva in the front as I wanted this to be my foreground. It has been a long time and is filling in but you cannot hurry c.parva, it will only grow slower. I also purchased a package from a member a few months back that included c.wendtii (bronze I believe) and c.willisi x lucens. You will see that in the back right corner the willisi c lucens has gone pretty crazy and the bronze is the main focal point I believe.

About two months ago I purchased a C.Ideii from Aaront that was a gorgeous specimen. Of course it melted but after a month or so it came back and I now have 3. This was the plant that got my interest in crypts going.

A few weeks ago I got a C.Nurii from GG. It melted and has yet to return but Im hopeful.

Then just today I received a nice pack from Aaron that included
C.cordata'Thailand', C.noritoi, C.bangkanensis 'Dwarf', C.bangkanensis 'Giant',
C.zukalii, C.sp.'Kota Tingi', C.wendtii 'De Witt' and C.Becketii. These were just planted so please dont mind the cloudyness.

So here it is.





everything in between

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