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Exclamation 16 December, 2010

Planted Hemianthus Callitrichoide (Baby Dwarf Tears) and Riccia Fluitans on two small stones, emersed (dry start) method.

Hemianthus Callitrichoide
Mixed doubts on whether to leave rock wool from pots in. First planted with small clumps with the rock wool on (2 days prior to 12/16). Did further research and decided was not a good idea, so took out everything and removed all the rock wool. Separated stems into smaller groups and replanted on the evening of 12/16.

Riccia Fluitans
Tied two small batched on to two smaller (pebble) stones to nudge between the two larger Seiryu Stones. Riccia was a little brown then.

Emersed / Dry Start
Wrapped saran wrap on top and added a little water to the substrate. Reflecting back, the front lawn got a little too flooded.

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