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Fluval Edge - First Plant/Nano Tank! *Update 2/24/11* SOLD :(

So as many people here i found this awesome forum on google and had to subscribe to help with my trials and questions and hopefully provide answers for people looking.

i got my Edge a while ago because i moved and could use my 60 gal any more. i didnt have a main goal in what i wanted to achieve (planted,Marine,etc) but going from a 60 to a 6.6 was a hard separation. and keeping a nano is being a bigger pain than having my 60. After researching a lot on different setups i had seen on the internet i kind of got the idea i wanted to try planted but doing further research the difficulty it can be.

so day 1 i started. i filled it with live sand which was the first oops. i was such in a rush to just get it set up i forgot to look at what substrate i was buying. and i also bought a fake plant this is what we got.

at this time i saw that i didnt like the shells and fragments in the live sand (because live sand can work in freshwater ) so i decided to change to a very fine grain sand. and also tried to scape a little more add some bog wood and 2 plants thought i had blindly bought from petsmart (keep in mind i had no clue still about live plants)

now here are some problems you will see.. well obviously you see the tannis from the bog wood cause a problem which normally isnt a bad thing.. it keeps your PH good etc and many people will tell you to do water changes. that is a good fix but with a 6.6 water changes will be VERY VERY frequent. another problem is the very fine grain sand. DONT BUY IT. at first everything seems dandy but after a couple hours, how the filter is set up it will start to dig a hole due to the flow of the water. (mind you i had a prefilter and had it lowest the little aqua clear would go. so i changed the substrate to a black gravel and put the bog wood to sit in water.

SO this is when i started to research planted aquariums and looked at many peoples EDGES on this sight as inspiration and a guide on which plants will be best. and this is what i came up with as of last night. im not running co2 but am using co2 tablets. its heated at 76.4 degrees.

i feel like its missing another background plant in the back but hopefully will fill it with some growth

as for mods. i have the mr11 LED wide angle on order and will probably wrap them in some stuff.. do the actually led's get hott? and i was so mad cause my walmart ran out of the 10w bulbs im going to build. does anybody have a small writeup of how your wired it? socket housing and how you powered it (spliced an extension cord or wired all new)

any suggestions im very open to also!!

**UPDATE** 1/24/11

As of Today, Before i sell it.

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