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Thanks AzFishKid! I also like the blyxa. By far one of my favorite plants. This is my first go at it with the sand. I am hoping to show off the rocks a bit more than I did before and give some open space for the fish this time around. It got pretty bad for my BN plecos trying to get food in my jungle I had going on in the 55G.

Here is a bit more info on the set up:

Tank - Standard 75G
Substrate - Flourite in the planted area and pool sand in the beach area.
CO2 - Pressured diffused with a glass diffuser coming from a 20lb tank.
Fertilizer - Will be dosing EI method as long as I don't get too lazy/busy.
Lighting - Compact florescent - 96W 6,700K/10,000K for 10 hrs. and a 130W 10,000l burst for about 3 hrs.
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