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I received mine yesterday. Bought from discountaquatic. Shipped quick, packed well. Mine is branded Aquatop Aquatic Supplies. Did not have the the surface skimmer, everyone says it's crap, but kinda wanted to try it. The inlet has a spot for it, but it's just capped. Sad about that. The "$15 free media" was a giant bag of carbon, about 12 bio balls and 12 ceramic rings in addition to the one coarse pad (cut poorly, too small) and three fine pads (make quilt batting look fancy). I'm fully capable of replacing the stock pads with something useful, but just seems weird that was their choice to include.

My first reaction was "what a piece of crap". It's very cheaply made. This is my second "cheapo" filter, first was a Odyssea CRS 500. My first reaction to that one was, "this is freaking awsome". Compared to the "SunSun", the Odyssea is a brick house.

I intend to use it as a supplementary filter to the Odyssea. Mechanical in the Odyssea, and bio in this one. I really don't hope to open this filter but once or twice a year. Which is good cause it feels like a delicate piece of crap that will break at any moment. As said, cheaply made. And the pump primer will give you a work out...pretty useless. Recommend pre-loading the filter and inlet tube with water and not using it.

One thing in it's favor is the spray bar. It comes in two parts. But if you only use the end part, you can put the outlet on the side of the aquarium instead of the back. I'm pretty happy about that as it will fit well into my water circulation plans.

Honestly though, while it doesn't leak, and does it's job, it's not something i'd reccommend, even at this price. Get an Odyssea if you want a cheap canister...takes about 5 bucks to mod into a great filter. No spray bar, but about 15 bucks to a guy in this forum or 5 bucks at Home Depot will build you a great one. This filter will cost you more than that just to get in decent reusable media. And double the flow in the Odyssea.

I have no idea why anyone would reccommend this with anything other than "well, i guess it IS a canister filter". If you're poor, or if you're a kid saving up their allowance to buy a canister and don't want the Odyssea, save for a few months longer and buy a Rena or if you're patient and Eheim. You'll be happier.
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