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Thanks for the compliments.

Tino for the foreground i would like to add either glosso or Hemianthus callitrichoides.

Although i have been thinking about doing a mix of both... what do you guys think? .... VVVV

Glosso to the left of the anubia nana


Hemianthus callitrichoides to the right of anubia nana.

I added about 10 gold dust molly fry and one black molly fry from a friend that didn't know what to do with them. Had a brain fart and put them in my tank before taking out my betta. Only 5 Gold dust molly's and the 1 Black molly made it before I realized what was going on and scrambled to get a container to but my betta in.

LOL, additional changes made to make this tank more suitable for fry and plants were...

prefilter sponge on intake as well as Nutrafin co2 canister and ladder diffuser...

Poly fiber on filter output to reduce flow that was blowing the fry every where as well as causing to much surface disturbance (lose less co2)...

Then for some added water polishing i packed some filter floss in the filter area where the water is first pumped in.

here are some better pics of the riccia, bacopa, rotala, hornwort...

Also wanted to add some baby tears at the base of the larger peice of wood or infront of the rotala indica in the left corner.

Going to also add some japonica shrimp as soon as i can find some at a LFS.

Not bad for 2 weeks.

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