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I bought a filter from discountaquatic on eebay. It was the 265gph model and it came as a AquaTop 300. There was no surface skimmer included (even though it was advertised) and so I contacted the seller. I was informed that this is the new model and the skimmer was eliminated because it was causing problems (sucking in air). I got him to send me the missing part, as it was advertised, but I couldn't get the skimmer to work, wouldn't skim anything.

The spray bar cracked when I was putting it together but I managed ot fix it with some hose. Other then that the filter works well so far, quiter than my HOB filter. The english instructions weren't bad but you don't need them anyway. I never had a canister filter and I set it up just fine. Took me about 30mins to prime it with my Rex style CO2 reactor attached (which it works just fine with).

It's probably just rebranded with the skimmer removed but I suppose it could also be a new model. As mentioned before the actual flow rate is less than the 265gph.

JakeJ: The hoses on mine were 5/8" inside dia.

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