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Cool Boostfed's 1st Planted Journal. Iwagumi & DSM!

Hello Everyone,

so i've been a long time hobbyist and a first time planted tanker, i've fallen in love with the Iwagumi style and want to mimic that. here are my stats :

Size: 20 Gallon

Lighting: 24'' T5HO 10k

Equipment:Toms Canister Filter w/ Hydor Inline 200w Heater

Rocks: Yamaya Stone

CO2: ADA Archaea CO2 Injection

Substrate: AS Amazonia

Fertilization: EI Method
KH2PO4 Mono Potassium Phosphate
KNO3 Potassium Nitrate

HC (foreground)
Micro Swords ( midground maybe)
Blyxa or Hairgrass (background) i heard hairgrass will take over the tank quite easily though

Amano Shrimp
Galaxy Rasbora
Neon Tetra

i've yet to start since i'm still scaping, but i will be doing the DSM soon when i can get ahold of some HC. super excited and can't wait!!! here's what i have so far, hopefully you all can give me some insight! i'm stuck between these setups, any input would help, thanks!

This one may be my favorite

Day 1:

End of Week 4:

Update on progress:
End of Week 1:

End of Week 2:

End of Week 3:

End of Week 4:

end of week 5

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