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I have had a dirty filter in the tank since I added water about 2 weeks ago (dirty filter removed for photo ops), and when I first filled it I used water from existing tanks. Since then I added 50% RO water.

I tried adding a 25 watt heater but it was keeping the water at 75 on the heaters lowest setting of 70 and without it the water is between 69 and 71.

Hence this is my test shrimp to see how it does with the flux in temp. Currently my crystals are in a tank where the temp is a constant 71 degrees.

For the filter that comes with the EBI I am going to try what BigBoij suggested and stuff that first chamber with filter floss to keep baby shrimp from getting in to the filter.

Right now baby shrimp are not an issue so there is no floss in the filter.

Edit: Oh and I also thought about maybe gluing a thin piece of sponge over the filter intake... but I'm not sure about that yet.

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