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10 gal Eclipse 1 journal

Just setup a new ten gal tank with and eclipse 1 filtration hood. Hood was originally of a 12 gallon eclipse kit but it leaked and i was able to buy the hood for cheap.

Inital setup:

10 gal tank
Eclipse 1 hood
eco- complete plant substrate
50 watt Visi-thermal stealth heater
Nutrafin co2 canister w/ ladder diffuser


Ahsupply 36 watt CF bright kit w/ custom box for ballast
fluval 203/204 sponge on stripped cartridge with bio-max media

Inital startup

Next came the ahsupply 36 watt retrofit into the eclipse hood

Since tank is on a counter there was no place to secure the ballast so i just put it in an aluminum box and drilled some holes for the power wires and for cooling.

the much improved light...

And with the improved light comes more plants.

I left some open space in the front for some carpet plants. Still can't decide between glosso or Hemianthus callitrichoides. I want a really dense, low carpet of green.

Here is a pic of the fluval 203/204 sponge in the filter area.

I just moved some plants around and spread the riccia a little better on the wood. Will update when i start to add the foreground plants.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. :icon_big

It's been three years since the last update. Finally going to a pressurized Co2 since prices for small setups are low enough to spike my interest in experimenting with it without tying up funds for my other hobbies.

Picking up a 20oz co2 bottle tomorrow and start playing around with it.

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