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Originally Posted by Franzi View Post
No, I'm pretty sure I got it right which makes me think that you either A) work for house of fins, B) are rich, C) your parents pay for your hobby or D) are sticking up for the owner cuz you're buddies. Just google the place...every review will confirm what a ripoff they are.

I agree that Greenwich Aquaria has pretty common stuff, but it's still always nice to walk around and look at all their stuff...especially when they have their big sales.

I don't mean to come off as a d*ck (although I probably did). If you like that place, then that's awesome and I hope you got nice stuff from them.
Can we make a E)
My parents support what i do. But I make my own money. I am far from rich. Although I do live in a rich town.

I do agree for some of it.. I also like HOF better becuase if you walk into GA. They automatically assume you are buying something.
I feel like I am sticking up for rick cuase he is my friend. Without him My hobbie would not be this.:P
I do think HOF is better for buying supplies. GA is good for somethings.
Petsmart is good for other things hahahahah
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