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Got my "Perfect" (the 264gph one) a week ago and I'm loving the sound (or complete lack) of it. Originally I put some of the media from my previous HOB AQ70 to transfer some bacteria, but found that the flow was very low. Using a highly accurate flow-checking method (1L bottle and a phone in timer mode, trying not to drop the phone in the tank) and ended up with about 55gph.

I then removed the extra media and left just the 3 cotton pads that come with the canister and checked again, and came up with about 140gph.

The tank rim is about 4 1/2 feet off the floor (where the canister is), so the water has some extra climb. I'm not thrilled with the flow rate, but I think the elimination of sound, lack of surface agitation (CO2 diffusion issues), and overall much cleaner look more than make up for it, especially since the Perfect was just a few dollars more than the AQ70 was. Overall, very happy with my new toy!
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