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Originally Posted by chumlee View Post
I Want one SO bad. I will keep in touch with you to see how you like it. Have anything to say about the substrate and the lighting?
The substrate is a bit light, planting some types of plants may be tricky as they will float up fairly easily until they root, but i think it should grow fairly decent. I stuck a small clump of marsilea minuta, in it to see if it takes hold and test the growing potential of the stuff, as my main layout will be moss and ferns. I've noticed the little balls can crush fairly easy if you give it a squeeze, it will be to been seen if it holds its shape on it's own.

The light is a 13W PC which is fairly decent light for a low/med lit tank this size. The quality is good and sturdy with a pretty good reflector. The design would allow you to easily add a second light to the tank to get higher light for those who would want a HC carpet or the more red plants, as i think the single light may be a bit lacking for higher light plants.

the block you plug into the wall/strip is the ballast for the light, so it gets little warm (not anything that i would worry about) and hums just a tiny bit, like most ballasts do.

Originally Posted by jmowbray View Post
What's the wattage on the heater and how well does it hold the temp? I have seen people complaining that the 25W heater won't really go up past 73 on a 8 gallon.
I had some concerns my self at the start when it didn't seem to be heating up then i read the directions and left it in the tank unplugged for about 10 mins so it could calibrate it's self then plugged it in. Woke up this, and its holding my temp at 78ish all day (according to the included thermometer, may grab one from one of my other tanks to compare) with the light on and cover on this 7.9g tank. Once the light goes off ill give it a few hrs and check to see if it makes any difference, I dont think it will change much as by just feeling the glass cover under the light there is minimal heat felt.

Update!! put in another thermometer its showing 74-75, then used my infared thermometer and its showing 75.6 so what does that tell me? I have no real idea what the temp exactly it is but its some where in the mid 70s not @ the 78deg that the heater states it should be. May be due to the location of were i put it, im going to try moving it to a higher flow area in the tank to see if i get better results (like the directions say) granted the heater says its rated for 6.6 g tank, i would think it would simply run more often to keep up but it cycles on and off as if it thinks its hitting the right temp.

Originally Posted by Senior Shrimpo View Post
Yes, an ebi thread, I'm definitely getting one of these soon and want to know how it works out for you. What shrimp are you using?
For starters just some RCS i have, breeding like crazy in a 2.5g tank. Waiting on a deal on some C-A CRS/CBS (im cheap) and then i plan to try my hand with raising them. For the cost and all in one'ness of these ebi tanks i may pick up another one (maybe more) so i can try a couple different types of shrimp, or use to separate/raise better grade Crystals later on.

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