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Big's Fluval Ebi

got it filled,

I really like the mini internal filter it came with it uses 3 chambers that you can fill your own way or use the included media. I left the included the foam in place, and added some used floss and a little charcoal i had in my other shrimp tank to seed this tank. Got a Fluval Compact heater in there that is nice and low profile.
So far i got Fissidens, Taiwan, Java, Christmas, Spikey, 2 other unknown mosses tied to rocks for starting along with a bunch of anubias petite just floating around. waiting for my flame, and weeping moss along with my java ferns and a few mini marimo balls to arrive be for i do any real scaping.

crappy cam, hopefully i can steal my woman's camera shes getting for christmas to get good shots
The tank is in its temporary home as it cycles, once it cycles and i move the shrimp in, i can take down my other tank, and move this one.

my 20 gal high
Big's Fluval Ebi
SunSun Pimp #2
Fluval Ebi Pimp #4

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