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It is pretty cool how mostly low maintence this thing is, although it would be better if I did a little more... Water parameters never change. I've gone up to 3 months between water changes. I just need to remember to feed the fauna.
The aquatic portion is now very over grown. Very. Between the crypts, the vals, and everything, it is an underwater jungle. You really can't see thru to the background. 2 weeks ago I pulled out 30 vals, a big crypt, and some java moss... and it was hard to tell afterward.

The terrestrial portion is doing well. The orchid went through a little adaptation period, and has now grown a lot, but hasn't flowered again. The broms have all pupped many... pups. Ferns hang down in front, and african violets take up the rest of the floor space.

I also moved in some auratus and red galacs (frogs.) They are still young, and I almost never see them sitting out, though. I just find their poop everywhere. Fertilizer.
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