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Thanks, everybody! I'm glad ya'll enjoyed it.
Please, don't forget to watch the video and rate!

Yes, the 60-F certainly looks larger than it really is. Primary reason why I chose it!
I'm not OCD, but the Amanos mixing the AquaSoil with the Nile Sand just really irritated me, lol.
I had to keep them separated, even if I had to do it one grain at a time.
The ADA 8000K 150W MH "Green" is amazing for HC growth, provided you supply plentiful CO2 and a balance of fertilizers.
Plus, the "Green" bulb really does bring out the green pigments on the HC. I really enjoy it.

Sorry, again, about the pictures. I took them with my SLR which saves them in huge files.
I thought the Photobucket would compress and resize the photos. Guess I was wrong.
After waiting so long to upload the photos, I just really didn't want to delete them and do it again.
I'm very sorry for the load time.

Feel free to use the LED dimmer idea. It's a public forum to share ideas. I don't have a patent on this, nor am I the first to have a backlight behind my aquarium.

Again, thank you all for your input!

If you forgot to watch the video or missed the link, you can view it here!

ADA 60-F Iwagumi

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