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Arrow 120 Gallon Shrimp Tank: Broken down.

So I've finally began building up the 120 Shrimp tank. Still not sure what type of shrimp I'll be putting in here, but I do know it's going to be dedicated to shrimp.

So far I have my ADA ASII and Power Sand in the tank and I've begun growing my carpet of HC. There is no hardscape as of yet since I haven't decided on which stone to use. I love Seiryu stone but I've heard it has some effects on water and I need the parameters to be pristine for which ever shrimp I decide. So I might use some of the ADG Black Costal Stone.

Since the tank is so tall (24 inches), I've decided to go with some of the taller stones available and have them towards the rear of the tank. I don't plan on following any specific rules, just going with what feels and obviously looks right.

HC will be the dominating plant with Anubias Nana or Blyxa J. in the rock crevices at the bases of each large stone and perhaps some sort of small mosses in the higher crevices. I do not want the stones covered completely just some green on those black stones will definitely pop! I haven't decided on any crypts since I don't want too much going on in the tank. I like the simple look like low growing carpets with some larger plants here and there. It's still an option tho since I love the way tall Crypts wave around with the flow of water.

I haven't gotten all the equipment just yet, since i'm doing the DSM now and the carpet is no where near done (Only been about 2 weeks).

I think 2 Eheim 2217 should be enough to keep the water clean and the flow adequate to not have any dead spots.

Co2 will consist of a GLA Primo kit with a 10 lb tank. I haven't been able to sell the 45 tall I have next to my 120 so I think I might split the tank for the 45 as well not sure if this is a good idea given the difference in size of the 2 tanks. Any advice?

I got a Black Friday deal on the light, so no more Hampton Bay lamps in the tank lol. 54x4 T5HO Solar Xtreme light. has a built in timer with only one switch but I can have different sets of lights come on at different times. It came with two 10k bulbs, which I kept and 2 Actinic bulbs, which I dumped and replaced with one 5.5k and one 6.5k that I happen to have here until I get a chance to go to the LFS and purchase new ones. would four 6.7k be sufficient or should I mix it with something else? I know the 10k's are a lot, right? It comes with legs and a hanging kit.

Although this tank is dedicated to shrimp, it is by far not a shrimp only tank. I started up a thread awhile back on which fish I should put into this tank. Very good suggestions, so I probably will be putting a single school of small fish in there. I'll keep you guys posted on that as things move along.

In the photos you'll notice the high slope I have a little more than halfway towards the rear, well I know the HC will begin spreading upwards, as it spreads I plan to redistribute it to the sides of the tank that are quite bare. Once I get the stones situated I'll then allow the HC to spread towards the back. I am not in a huge rush to fill this tank up, especially since I don't have the Co2 yet anyway, so I don't mind having to stop the HC from climbing the hill. I'm not sure if I missed anything lol but please, any critiques will be gladly appreciated!

My concerns:

Is the equipment list adequate?
Is the slope ok?
Any ideas about the the splitting of Co2 between a 120 and a 45 Gallon tank?
Is the plant list ok? I know it would be more comfortable for the shrimp to have nice hiding places and not so much open space, but if the way I plan to plant everything is ok then I'll be happy too lol.

Please don't mind the mess.

This is with the three 27W Hampton Bay lamps.

This is after I planted what little bit of HC I had

New Light

My 120 Gallon Shrimp Tank Rebuild finally started!!

New Journal:

Old Journal:

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