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Since when do fluorescents blow up?

I was minding my own business when my POS Coralife fixture made a sound like a dying goose swallowing a firecracker. (Yeah, yeah, it came with the used tank.) Once it's apart, I find the 6700k tube blown apart, the last third of it splintered and smoked black. The bottom of the broken piece melted to the acrylic cover.

Can I assume this is a fixture quality issue? A freak bulb QC problem? Crop circles?

The fixture won't light when a new bulb is inserted. I'm hoping the fixture is salvageable since my budget is less than nothing...but I'm no electrical engineer. The ballast is friggin' elfin and I can't find any hint of a fuse.

Any suggestions for an unemployed liberal arts major, besides "go buy something that doesn't suck"?

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