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Originally Posted by Cuchulainn View Post
Pretty Deeeluxe scape there. Looks great!

Originally Posted by jwm5 View Post
You mention a marine grow light to come, what is that? do some research on it, marine lights are not necessarily good for planted tanks, ie they may not provide lighting that the plants need/use
yeah, those are just for the fish, to make the colors pop. common in the cichlids tank.
It will be also my "dawn" and morning light.

Originally Posted by Jadelin View Post
You could look into fast-growing stems that may be able to out-grow nibbling, such as water wisteria (Hygrophila difformis) and hornwort
great info, I will get some this weekend!

Originally Posted by globali View Post
Nice layout, harmony view,
the rocks are very pleasant
but one can feel that they
are too "heavy" for the scene.
cichlids = rocks. they need places to hide for reproduction and territory.
I want to grow plants on top of those.

Its been 3 years that I "grow" rocks

Originally Posted by lauraleellbp View Post
I agree, they look like Peace Lilies to me, too. And IME they'll do OK underwater for a while, but eventually will die unless their leaves are allowed to grow up out of the water.
indeed, I will remove those before it happen.
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