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Hah, I have no idea what kind of weapons you can make but I know photodiodes are used regularly to detect lasers.. I have heard news stories of people buying cheap components from the States and shipping them to NATO embargoed countries which is a big no-no.

In my research, I found out that a green LED, can read PAR visible light pretty darn well. The spectrum matches up but the resolution is so low I'd need an expensive millivolt meter.

Well, the conclusion on this so far is that the current photodiode is not reliable because it reads Infra Red as well. Different bulbs will have different IR output and will skew the readings. Since a photodiode is the key foundation for this, I'll wait for the correct diode to arrive and restart the calibrations.

I can worry about the cosine corrections and such later. I wouldn't even know where to get a cosine correction filter ... But from looking at the charts & graphs, I can leave it out and call it 'goodnuff'.

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