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Thanks for the interest guys. No real update for the moment...I had a bit of an ammonia spike in the tank during a filter media replacement and have been busy prepping to add a new four-legged family member to my house in the form of an adorable 12-ish week old apricot standard poodle who was abandoned at work. The person who gave him up was crazy! Adorable and completely sweet to boot.

I'm also heading out of town in a matter of hours to visit my grandfather for his 80th birthday...come Monday the new pup should be settled and hopefully (there's that word has to use it so often in new setups!) the tank will have properly matured by then. Then we'll finally see about the shrimp

Also, brains, the moss I used in the tank was a complete mix of peacock, taiwan and flame moss. The only one I can tell the difference is the flame moss, the rest of it is all melding together but I kinda dig it. If you're interested in this tank, I do like it a lot, but the lighting is god awful and I can't see it supporting much more than the mosses I have in here (though they're doing surprisingly well) so keep that in mind.

Cuchulainn, the tank's dimensions are 20" wide, 20" deep and I want to say it's 22" or 24" tall but I can't recall exactly...i know it's a bit taller than it is wide or deep so it's not a perfect cube but close enough. The dimensions in it are great though..i really like it.
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