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I love super glue. I use it all the time, and have seen no ill effects in fish or shrimp.

Just last week I decided to try it on some susswassertang. We'll see how that goes.
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Dont expect it to hold any heavy objects together or any objects that are under stress. Its bonding ability deteriorates pretty quickly in water, even faster as the water gets warmer or more acidic. Glue two pieces of steel together and then run them through a dishwasher cycle or leave them submerged for a few days in water and they will easily pull apart. I am not surprised that they work well for holding moss onto things as that does not seem to require much strength anyway. I have used Krazy glue for clean slice cuts, you can buy the official medical version of it for several times the price.
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I also use superglue (I actually us nail glue - same thing) to attach ferns and moss to the decor in my tank. I've tried string - it's hard to do and typically rots before the plants take hold. The glue works great and I've not seen any harm to fish or plants from it.
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Superglue is aquarium safe, but will not create a lasting bond. Either would wood glues. I personally would go with five minute epoxy, once it cures, it's completely inert, and will last longer in an aquarium than the wood will.
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We use cyanoacrylate glue all the time in saltwater. Heck, we even put it RIGHT on the coral to attach them. I recommend LocTite
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I've used superglue successfully for sticking fragged corals, it's been accepted as "reef safe" for many years. As mentioned above, it cures almost instantly on contact with moisture.

To use superglue on a porous surface, either use superglue gel (which is what is used in reef tanks because coral sksletons are also porous) or apply a thin coat to each surface, allow it to harden, then stick the two pieces together with another thin application to the now hardened contact surfaces.
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Originally Posted by suebe333 View Post
I did research and have found that alot of aquarist use the gel super glue and swear by it
Note it is the gel that they are using.
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The only reason reefers use gel is that it's nigh on impossible to use the liquid on wet and porous substances. The liquid soaks in and sets in an instant on contact with moisture. Using gel buys you 30 seconds to work.
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Take a page from the saltwater guys. . . :-)

There are lots of 'reef safe' superglue type products. My favorite is "Boston Aqua Farms". . . especially the 'thicker' formula. Holds as well -- or almost as well as superglue, and if corals and inverts tolerate it, it's safe. Comes in a three or four ounce bottle. . . which amounts to MANY smaller tubes of superglue.

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Super glue is definitely safe. I've used tons of it in saltwater tanks to attach corals. It starts to harden as soon as it contacts water so you end up with no leaching of chemicals. It does generate a bit of heat as it sets up.

Reborn from salt. Plants, here I come!
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It should be OK. I think the glue (New Skin?) sold in drug store is some kind of cyanoacrylate. It might have a different ester group, though. I just found something very intereting that 'some midwives have even used over-the-counter Super Glue (Krazy Glue) successfully in lieu of suture to close the perineum' ( many years ago, I used to have a bottle of special super glue (with a different ester group, I believe) from a military lab that they use for stopping the bleeding in the battle field especially at high altitude, I think. I used it the wrong way and it stays inside my body (I was told later that it's better to use it on the surface of the wound although they use it internally as well). Anyway I never feel anything funny. Once it cures, it should be safe. And water actually trigger the cure. AS long as you are not dumping a whole bottle into the tank, the fish should be safe.
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just playing devils advocate, the back of the super glue package says it's not aquarium safe. I thought about using it before but after reading the warning i was unsure and decided not to. So small amount is okay just not a lot?
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Wish i would have known super glue was safe to use in aquariums before i put my driftwood in.. at least i know now though. :P

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why don't you use gorilla glue?
if you read the testimony or info on it from home depot it says non toxic doesn't change ph and doesn't leach chemicals...
of course i've yet to try
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NO. I've gotten super glue in my eye when I was putting together a model car kit You do not want to know what that feels like. Super glue very irritant, and burns like boiling water if it gets in your eyes, and will do so for a week. Smell a tube of super glue. It has a pungent chemical kind of smell. If it says keep out of reach of children, then you should keep it out of reach of your fish. It will leach in your water, and kill your fish and plants in a short amount of time. Just get some aquarium silicone. It costs like six bucks a tube though. Do not use any other type of silicone.
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