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Monkeys typing Shakespeare

I feel like the ultimate stalker on this forum. Always posting my thoughts and ideas and never letting people see my tanks! BWAHAHAHAHA. So anyway, I've caught the plant bug... big time. I started with a couple tens, putting plants in them just to help my cherry shrimp be more healthy and breed more readily. It worked wonders. Then one day I realised I had spent an hour being picky about the way the plants LOOKED and hadn't even checked on my shrimp.... that was the end of sanity. The tens got replaced by 20H's and the lights got replaced by compact flourescents, and the DIY Co2 got replaced by compressed, and now comes the ultimate obsession...

I was in the process of ordering most of the stuff for my 75gallon high tech uber tank when I came across a craigslist ad locally for a 125complete setup with stand for $300. I went out and snatched that up!

One problem...

I already had the stand for the 75! So I went and bought the tank to go on top... then I continued my shopping for things to go along with...

So now I have on the way to my house all the stuff to set up TWO high tech tanks lol I have T5HO lights for both, two Compressed Co2 rigs (one is split three ways to accomodate my 20H's (which might or might not be getting sold)) Canister filters a'plenty, and two Co2 reactors. Mineralized soil substrate and several bags of 3M Black to cap it off, as well as hardscape for the 75. Still need to figure that part out for the 125.

Anyway... my query here is about those monkeys mentioned in the thread topic. Who wants to help me make Shakespeare? You guys can be monkeys with me and the 125 will be Shakespeare! I'm putting over $1500 worth of planted tank candy in your collaborative hands to do with what you will. I'll post pics as the equipment arrives and start "votes" as to which scape "type" the tank should be, and hardscape etc... then we'll get down to plants when the hardscape is settled.

Whatcha think? You can experiment via. internet lol

Tank stats...

125aga tank w/stand (I'm going to repaint the trim on the tank and the stand black, as I hate the oak it is now)
T5HO 4 x 80W fixture (bulbs will be coming with the fixture, but if I can find 80W geisemann's I'll be getting those in 2 x daylight, 2 x aquaflora)
20lb Co2 tank w homemade (LARGE) PVC reactor
2xfluval 404 canister
hydor inline 300W heater (think I need more?)
need to find a UV sterilizer, but don't know the proper size to use. I have one already for the 75gallon.
anything I forgot here?

oh yeah... mineralized substrate compliments of torpedobarb. Thanks for doing all the drying and such, the price was definitely right!

capping that with 3M colorquartz (I have 3 50lb bags on their way to the house now.

Let me know your thoughts as to how this should play out, (or if I should just cage all the monkeys and type out the sonnets myself) I think it would be an interesting experiment to see what a tank turned out to be with all the TPT members voting on what should happen with it!

I'm planning on starting whatever hardscape is decided on, and a simple mass of nitrogen sucking plants and the voting public can fill the tank with other plants as we go, and I'll start removing the nitrogen nuking weeds as those are chosen.

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you've got a lot of work on your hands in the near future
Earlier I was searching the net to find a site to buy a mini M and I found this, if you are looking for a scape.
And something i think would be cool to stock such a big aquarium with would be a school of SAE's, if they school that is.
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I'm in the same boat.... I bought a 60 and then was given a 120+stand and a LOT of stuff, and then was given a 20.....

So, the 60 is in the driveway for sale, the 120 is getting set up and the 20 was claimed by my son for his room - I still need a quarantine tank!

I washed out 180 lbs of flourite and 150 lbs of coloquartz yesterday, have too much driftwood and manzanita, still need to install the RO filter.... And I still have not decided onthe plants and fish.


Dan K.
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SAE's don't school. They don't play very well with others :-P I have some very interesting angels bred locally here that I plan on putting in there when it's all cycled and whatnot. 6 in all. 3 are mixed German Blushing Blue angels and 3 are Koi/blushing blue longfin veiltail angels. (at least that's what I think she told me, I can never remember the names to all of the varieties)

I know there's a lot of work ahead. Kind of part of the fun for me. If I had an immaculate tank tomorrow, I'd give up the hobby because it'd be too easy. I just want to see how badly the hundreds of active plantedtank forum members can mess up a tank when they really put their minds to it! hehe
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well if your taking suggestions i think that you should use petrified wood as the hard scape and plant moss all over it so that it takes on the appearance of grass covered mountains but leave some rough edges uncovered so they look like cliffs. and plant dwarf hair grass in the foreground so it gives the tank a sense of depth

GEOLOGY Rocks Have A Gneiss Day
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I'll be honest I don't think there is going to be any single "iwagumi" type layout a majority of people will be able to agree on.

I was originally thinking of a dutch style layout with Manzanita hardscape, just so a greater amount of input can be housed in the tank to see how it flows. That being said... if Iwagumi is the will of the people.... :-P

I am doing mineralized substrate though, and I've heard that most of the popular carpet plants have a more difficult time in this substrate. I am always willing to experiment though. The light is certainly going to be enough to grow just about anything God gave us to beautify a tank with.
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When I have everything here and ready to go, I'll put general "style" to a vote, and we'll see where it goes. Heck, maybe Iwagumi is what people will want. Just not sure if it's the best canvas to show collaboration.
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The only thing I will comment on now is the 20H's, Dont get rid of them if you dont have to. They will make nice "overflow" tanks for plants that you might want to switch out of your two larger tanks.
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I was thinking of keeping one of them. The main reason for getting rid of at least ONE of them, is my better half. Making sure she doesn't become my irritated, constantly griping half requires I get rid of at least ONE tank with the addition of these two big ones, however you're ocmpletely right about the overflow. I was thinking about using one of them as a growout/overflow/QT tank. This is the one scenario where she consented to keeping one of the two of them. She at least understands the need for a QT tank and she thinks the angels are "too cute" to lose. (thank goodness for angel's cuteness lol)
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I knew when you mentioned that you were even thinking of getting rid of one tank there were some other forces at work there.
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yeah she's a force to be reckoned with. But boy howdy what a nice force!

anyway... back to the topic at hand.

big tank... votes.. changes... big mess at the end.

Is there a way to do polls in posts on this forum? I want to keep everything out in the open on this but having a vote done via posts will make this thread miles long before the tank's even wet! The only other option is PM voting, but then who knows if I'm not taking people's suggestions and just doing what I want to anyway? Plus, I want people to know exactly whos bad ideas those were hahaha
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