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Can't wait to see new pictures! I love the goldfish, they're so cute and have great personalities.
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Another question.. this time about the hood / enclosure for the lights

Did you get the 'canopy' or hood from ahsupply? Was it part of the lighting retro-fit kit that you got?

I am looking to do something similar, but have found no 'commercially produced' canopies for bowfront tanks. Fishtanksdirect has complete sets, but I would rather use the stand that Petsmart is using on their 46 gallon glass tank (I have a matching one on my 28 gallon bowfront--its a girl thing, I guess), but there are no enclosed canopies sold singly, that I have found. I am a DIY kind of person, so if I can't find it, I may build something to keep the light from sneaking out between the tank and light fixture. I am also getting a clear back so I can change background colors. My 28 gallon bowfront has a mirror back and that is awesome.

Your goldfish are SO beautiful.....
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Hey! Yes I got the canopy from ahsupply. I don't know if they make them anymore, at the time it was a perfect size for the tank. Even better, the plastic cover that fits with the original aquaclear light canopy, perfectly fits under the ahsupply hood, thus preventing splashes, and escapes!

I'll try to get some photos soon. The Val's took a beating, so the tank isn't exactly perfect right now....well that hasn't stopped me before, I might as well take some shots .
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dang, that's a pretty sweet tank. planning to start a tank soon, hopefully my plants grow like yours.
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Did you buy it prebuilt from AH Supply or did you build it with their specs? They have a DIY canopy page. Thanks....
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I bought it pre-built from Ahsupply. I should point out, their 96 watt kit is a bit too powerful for the 46 gallon. It's really powerful!
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My goldfish always get ick everytime i add another one, eventually i switched to tropical, does your goldfish ever get ick?
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Thanks....I will contact them when the tank gets closer to being put together. I am planning a move in the next 4 weeks, so the tank is in an assembly mode right now. The move is cross country, so sometime after the first of the year I will put it together. I really enjoyed the photos of your tank! I have the same type of Vals....grow across the top and down of my 28 gallon bowfront also like yours. Weekly trimming. I may replace them with something shorter, although I love the lush look of them.
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The only time I've had any ick issues, was when there was a large amount of fish stress. This was due in part to insufficient filtration for the tank in question. Goldfish are incredibly hardy, but they require an excessive amount of filtration, and an excessive amount of water volume to live healthy lives. They also require temperature stability, and are not cold water fish, as many people believe. Any significant amount of stress will usually cause an ick outbreak.

Generally you want roughly 10-20 gallons per goldfish in terms of water volume, and you want an utterly obscene amount of filtration. I run a Rena XP3 on my 46 gallon bowfront. (It's rated for 175 gallons). Goldfish are the aquarium equivilant of a cow. They can and will eat almost nonstop, and produce what seems like an endless amount of waste. (Leading cause of death to goldifsh, besides insufficient filtration, is overeating) Most of the reasons you can't have goldfish with many other fish types isn't that they wouldn't get along...it's that the other fish can't handle the pollution the goldfish make!

As for temperature, I run it at 74F with one of those 200 watt inline hydror's. Though goldfish are commonly thought to be cold water fish, they actually thrive in warmer temperatures. They can "tolerate" cold temperatures, but prefer warmer ones. Bottom of tank siphon and roughly 40-50% water change weekly. Once a month I break down the XP3 and rinse out the sponges, and replace the pre-filter if needed.

It's funny because goldfish are usually rated as "easy" fish to take care of...when in reality, they're quite difficult to take care of properly. With the proper setup and care, most goldfish will outlive the family cat or dog! (Keep this in mind when choosing the type of fish to take care of! Goldfish can live 20+ years!!!)

I eventually plan to move the goldfish to a larger tank, as they are getting gigantic now. Chomper is as big as my hand!

Having just moved, I understand your pain. The Val's are just now starting to come back. I lost roughly 50% of them in the move. Was worried for a bit, but then I remembered it usually takes about 2 weeks or so for the plants to get out of their shock phase and back into growing bonkers.
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Vals and....

Hey Crossbow. I am currently planting a goldfish tank and was wondering if you could suggest a plant which might work alongside my vals. I have seen a number of stoies like yours where only the Vals ended up surviving the goldfish longterm. I would really like to have a stem plant that looks kind of like cabomba to compliment the look of the vals. I want a fast grower. Nitrate consumption is a must. Currently, I am considering Asian Ambulia, Cabomba, and Water Violet.

Ver. 1.0 80 gallon dirt goldfish tank (defunct)

Ver. 2.0 bare bottom same tank another approach (defunct)

Ver. 3.0 Pool filter sand same tank now

Farming Algae

Goldfish are among the worst fish for beginners.
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If you get lucky your goldfish might not eat hornwort, and it looks similar to cabomba. My goldfish ignores it, but other people say it gets eaten. Depending on your lighting, it might grow too fast, but it's nice to have something that grows quickly in a low-light tank.

Joy to the fishes!
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