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10 Gallon Multipurpose (leopard danio)

It's been a while since I made a journal, so I thought I would.

My 10 gallon, complete (currently) with 8 leopard danios, a bridge decoration, DHG, Temple Plant, Amazon Swords, Anubias nana, Water Sprite, Jungle Vals, and fine white play sand. The background is a simple blue binder that I added simply because I love the color against the yellow of the leopard danios.

Now, this was mean to be a breeding experiment but since them I've changed it up. What started as a breeding tank moved on to a hospital tank where I treated the fish for interal parasites and then it turned into a planted tank and then back into a hospital tank where I (again) treated the fish for internal parasites. Now I'm considering making it into a Killifish tank but that depends on a lot.

So, what do I have going on right now you wonder? Well, today it was "sand vacuum day". In this tank however, every day is "sand vacuum day". Why? Because the sand shows EVERYTHING. Algae, brown spots, fish poop (which, strangely enough, is a LOT of poop and it's mostly green.... Hmm... Maybe snail poop..... Oh, I don't know.)

So, below I have the steps to my "sand vacuuming".

But first, let's go more into detail on what exactly went down with this tank.

Several weeks ago, maybe a month or so, I decided to breed my leopard danios again. I had done this before with good results. But, I wasn't sure which fish were male and which were female. So I just moved all 6 of my danios to the 10 gallon from the 55 gallon.

From there, I began daily feedings of blood worms (frozen) and live daphnia. Of course now I was watching the fish closer than ever before and something I didn't want to see happened: The fish were thin. Really thin. See below for one of the fish that I got a picture of before it died. REALLY thin.

So I did my research and found out that it could be internal parasites. Well, great. I grabbed a bottle of PraziPro and treated the tank with that. I treated my 55 at the same time and, sadly, it didn't go so well but that's a story for another journal. In the 10 gallon I saw no improvment. And, thanks to my failure in the 55 gallon I stopped treating and did water changes to get the medication out. Well... Now what?

I then did some more research and decided to give MetroPlex a try. Again, no positive results. The fish were still loosing weight.

At that point I decided: Maybe it's nothing. So I waited about a week. The fish continued to get worse. Again, desperate to be rid of the issue, I decided to try PraziPro along with Epsom Salt. So I mixed up one teaspoon per gallon of epsom salt and a full treatment of PraziPro in with some water. I was very careful not to overdose. I then spread that evenly around the tank and left it for 5 days.

It seems to have worked. The fish are fattening up and no longer have reddened vents and reddish fins.

After that I bought two new leopard danios bringing my total up to 8 in the tank. A little much, I know, but the tank still looks empty half the time.

And, now on to my daily "sand vacuums"!

I decided to go with smaller pictures this time to save on the length of this first post. I will try to leave the url link in the picture so if you click on the image you should be transferred to a larger version of the picture.

As I sad above, the tank looks bad even after just one day of not cleaning the sand. This is after 5-7 days:

So I decided that something needed to be done. I love the sand, but it's just far too nasty looking.

One day I rigged up a mini gravel vacuum to use on the tank. It's just a simple air line tube that I made a siphon out of.

The way it works is simple:
One end of the tube stays in the tank. That end keeps the siphon primed and ready. I made the mistake of letting the siphon die once. Never again. I was spitting sand out of my mouth all night long.

The other end of the line is clipped up so that it stays above the water line to keep the siphon from starting on its own.

When I'm ready to clean the tank, I just take the out-take end of the tube and put it down into a bucket that i have on the floor.

I then simply siphon away the dirty poop from the bottom.

The end result is this:

Once I am done, I simply pick the bucket up and put it above the water line. I then plug the end of the line that is in the tank with my thumb and I put my filtering cup into the tank:

Then I just let the water drain back in to the tank. It usually takes 1/2 an hour to clean the bottom and another half to drain. But to me it is worth it.

Finally, my parasite ridden Leopard Danio that ended up dying:

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed.

55g -- 1 angelfish, 1molly, 9 guppies, 1 pleco, 6 leopard danios// 20g -- 4 Serpae Tetra, 1 skirt tetra, 4 black neon tetra // 5.5g -- 1 male betta, 2 Ember tetra // 36g--1 oranda, 1 black moor, 2 butterfly moor // 10g --9 emerald dwarf rasbora // 2g jar -- 3 SAE (quarantine) // 10g -- 12 platy fry, 4 cherry barbs (quarantine)
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