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20gal long *picture heavy*

Well after the end of last semester my roommate graduated and didn't feel like moving his tank from Michigan to Louisiana so he left it with me since I was basically taking care of it anyways. After moving some fish around I was left with his old 20 long empty, and was just holding all my spare equipment. After looking at it for a few months it started driving me nuts. I found a container for all the equipment, cleaned the tank, and filled it with water and let the filters cycle till I figured out what to do with it. It was a heated debate between a shell dweller tank, a planted tank, or a breeding tank. Well the planted tank won and this brings us almost a month later "post-filling," and I think I know what I want to do with the tank finally. Off to procure equipment, hard-scape objects, and possibly plants tomorrow, rather today...

Need to get:
- substrate
- light (48watt Nova T5HO)
- wood and rocks
- plants (maybe later this weekend?)

What I'll try to grow:
- glosso
- rotala nanjenshan
- java fern
- something called "super red foxtail"
- anubias nana "petite" (eventually, if I can find it)
- crypts? maybe...
- anything else I think I might be able to grow that looks cool

This tank will have DIY CO2 though waht form of fert dosing is not known yet. Well enough talking here's some pictures. Don't mind the glass I was messing with the tank so it didn't get cleaned so it looks all foggy.

yes that metal frame is sturdy enough to hold the tank and no it's not sagging that's just lens distortion from a wide angle lens. Note the bareness of the tank, it's enough to drive someone crazy!

This is why I need a new light...years of my roommate or parents bumping/dropping it. Oh duct tape you are amazing, and possibly a fire hazard...

More tomorrow, for now sleep.

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I use the same rack! Maybe a diffrenet size but I have the exact same style. I'm planning to put 3 - 10g tanks for a breeder rack or 2- 10's and a 20 long.

GL with your journey on setting that tank up, it'll be a beautiful one I'm sure of it. Everyone that has a 20l so far has amazing tanks, hope I can join the ranks soon hehe.
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Drained the tank, poured the black flourite and the sand in after making nice barriers (didn't help much, oh well), put my petrified wood and driftwood in and filled it up. Now I just have to wait for the dust cloud to settle and the water to warm up and I can play around with the hardscape some more.

And now for pictures.

black flourite

sugar sand, really fine particle sand.


waiting to settle and the water to warm up so I can stick my hand in without it feeling like I'm gonna get frostbit. Can't wait to plant it, also T5s are sweet.
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Well the dust hasn't quite settled completely but you can see to the back finally so I figured I'd take a few more pictures, cause... well you can never have enough pictures. The tank is viewable from the end and the front so I left the one end open for lower plants. Both filters will probably not be in the final setup but they create a nice flow through the tank I think I like. the light is awesome but the spread across the width of the tank is something left to be desired but that's fine I don't have the money to get another and I can make do. The wood layout I'm still not sure on but I like the space they create between themselves so I might work on that. I'll probably doodle on some pictures and see what I'd like to do/get. Anyways, picture time!

full tank shot:

Close up of sand area, I now know how much I'm gonna hate the sand area. Any tips on separating the sand and flourite? I tried to make a sifter but it didn't work too well. oh well I'll deal.

This is the end that is viewable and I'd like to try some lower plants through here maybe building up to taller plants by the sand. I'm thinking glosso but not sure what else, maybe some blyxa japonica along the sand area. I'm also thinking of java fern around/on the driftwood and maybe some anubias along the sand.

This end is almost viewable from the kitchen since it butts up to it but there's a cabinet mostly in the way. I'm thinking stem plants in back with some crypts and anubias in front of it.

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Wow that scape looks pretty darn good
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i agree, i like the scape. but im not sure if you can grow glosso or R. wallichi in that lighting. maybe with amazingly managed CO2?
im not an expert at plant lighting levels though.
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I grew both though, "foxtail" isn't wallichi, under a crappier light with no CO2. But hey if it doesn't I can chalk it up as "lesson learned" and then I know my light isn't powerful enough and I can try something else. The whole lighting thing is weird, when I last tried a planted tank 3-4wpg was a lot and 2.5 was moderate. I come back and now 2.5 is low and 3-4 is moderate I don't really buy into it.
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Not gonna talk just gonna show.

That is all.
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Looks good. I like how some of the rocks are stuck in the white sand.

Chrisinator's Aquatic Project Journal
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20 long update

During winter break I was gone for 2 weeks and the tank got hit by blue-green hair algae and nuked the najenshan and green foxtail. got 3 stems left between the two but they're growing strong. The glosso also took a hit but there was no die-back just a pause in the growth, but it's growing in now and should fill in the right side in a month or so? Added anubias, red foxtail and some other plant I just thought looked cool but forgot the name of... also picked up fish and an algae crew.

6 CPDs
3 banded kuhli loaches
2 bristlenose plecos (one is temporary from my roommate till it grows out)
6 Red Cherry Shrimp

I'm gonna start a breeding tank for the shrimp later this weekend and maybe another one for the CPDs if I can find some space. My roommate and I have basically filled up our living room/ dining room of the apartment with tanks.

Full tank after a trim and replacing a bare spot left by the najenshan. The thing at the front is holding a pregnant shrimp and some java moss for me until I get a few spare tanks from home.


Pregnant Shrimp

Some other fish in the room

My roommate's EBJD, he's just a little guy.

Jack Dempseys, yesterday before they bred today.

Shaking and rubbing up against each other.


Just chugging along now, waiting for stuff to grow in might add a few more plants but not yet, kinda excited to start up a breeding tank for the shrimp so I'll see how that goes.
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I really, really like your hardscape. I'm seriously in love with it. Gorgeous fish too!

Wabi Kusa is just an Aquascape Katamari
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Ill take some jack dempseys! haha Looks really good, in one picture it looks much bigger then a 20 gal

Also what are those tall plants on the right side of the tank?
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Thanks guys! I really don't know what the tall plant on the right side is. When I bought it there were a lot of names real close together on the tank and I never got a straight answer, and they don't have the plant there anymore. Also I don't think the Jacks bred right, they don't seem too interested in the eggs but they haven't turned white yet so I don't know.

But yeah the "ETS" continues as I'm getting tanks from home now to breed the shrimp and fish in. So we'll see how that goes...
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Yes, that is one hell of a hardscape.
Lovin it!!! Awesome Jack Dempseys
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Two Months Later...

So I've been doing a bunch of small changes in stem plants, I added another DIY CO2 to the tank, now have a crap ton of cherry shrimp and more are going to hatch soon, have 3 baby CPDs left, got ninja shimp from the store on accident and now one is holding eggs, have had a break out of black beard algae and some other one I haven't identified yet but have been pulling out from between my glosso that has finally starting to take off. I think that's about it.. oh also helped my roommate start up his on tank that's still in the early stages but is starting to come together, I might take a picture of it soon who knows. Anyways I've been ignoring the tank for a few weeks because of classes besides planting some new stems and a massive trimming of stargrass and replacing the DIY CO2. One of the T5 bulbs burnt out and I still need to replace it but haven't had the money, I prefer eating over a light bulb. I laugh that someone told me before that I couldn't grow glosso under these lights yet it's spreading quickly despite one of the bulbs is dead. And onto some pictures.

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