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My 75 gallon planted

Hi there... I figured I'd start up a journal of my 75 gallon planted tank and the progress I make with it.

Couple weeks ago was coming home from work and saw a garage sale on the side of the road. They had this big massive tank. It was a 75 gallon with a stand. And it also came with a bunch of huge rocks, a weird light, and a 10 gallon tank as well. It was previously used for a turtle. 100 bucks. Next day I came back, bought it, and loaded that sucker up!!

Now for a few pictures... Now obviously since it's a used tank, I had to fill it up test for leaks. She said it didn't leak, though. And so far it doesn't. It's in pretty good shape, too.

Filling up the tank...

Filled up with the driftwood I'm planning on using in the tank...

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I'd really like to get this tank setup soon... But as I stated in another thread before, I'm getting married soon, so money is kinda tight right now! As well as space in our house lol A lot of remodeling/painting...

But so far this is what I'm gonna be using in the tank:

Aquaticlife 48 inch T5HO... Dr Fosters and Smith had this for 100 bucks shipped.

Lighting all good to go over the tank..

This is my first time ever using a canister filter... So I'm a little bit overwhelmed by how many parts there are to it! But I'm gonna be using the SunSun HW-303B filter. And it looks pretty easy to get started, compared to some other brands I've looked at. I also made sure to order the one that came with all the filter media.

Not really sure what I'm gonna do about my substrate... I'm gonna start at least with Eco Complete at the base. I might either do all Eco, top it with natural gravel, or maybe just do half and half.

Bought 4 bags to start with... This stuff gets expensive quick! 100 bucks at Petco for 4 bags. I know I'm definitely gonna need more for whatever I choose to do.

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Nice score! Looking forward to seeing some updates, I too have a 75 and looking for inspiration.

As far as substrate goes, I'd stick with just the eco complete. There's no reason to have a cap as it doesn't really leach anything or have nutrients right off the bat.

Also are you thinking of co2 because a dual T5HO is right on the limit of needing co2 or not, so just something to think about.
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If you don't want to buy more ecocomplete then you could cap sand with what you currently have. Should be fine.

+1 that you might need CO2 for 2-bulb T5HO setup. Especially if you put the light right on the tank rim. I used to run 2x bulbs with CO2 on my 75 and I think I would have had big issues without the CO2. Depending on the fixture / quality of reflectors you could be into or very close to high light territory.

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Thanks yeah the reason I did want to cap it, because I don't really like how eco complete looks. And I enjoy the look of a natural looking tank, but now that I think of it, but I think I'm gonna stick with just eco complete. I will probably buy another 2-4 bags. I don't feel like mixing gravels.

Yeah I thought about maybe experimenting with C02 later on, and buying another Aquaticlife fixture to connect it to. But that'll be down the road.

Stocking wise I'm thinking about just light stocking. Maybe 2 schools of small Tetras say, 12-15 of them. Maybe Neons. Possibly like 10 cory cats. I was thinking about a bunch of Amano shrimp, too. Like 10 of 'em.

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since your not getting co2 now you will need to raise your fixture, keeping it sitting like you have it will result in too much growth from plants but starving for co2. this causes algae to then take over because the plants will not do well.

I would aim for a minimum of 21" abover the substrate and go from there. start with a 7 hour or less photoperiod too and raise it as plant mass and health improves.

good start though.
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I'm gonna see what happens before I do anything, because I don't really have any way of raising it higher than that. thanks though.

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A smallish update of sorts... I haven't set up the tank yet. However. Lots of big things have happened in my life. I got married yesterday and the wedding turned out quite nice Was a very nerve-wracking day.

I did actually return the Eco-Complete awhile back to save some cash since so much was going on at the time and I knew I wasn't going to set up the tank yet. But, luckily, my now wife out of all the money we got back from the money set some money aside that was both of our own personal use So I picked up 5 bags of Eco tonight, along with a blue background. I'm planning to do Eco topped with natural gravel. Unfortunately I looked everywhere at all the big name stores for some nice looking gravel that appealed to me and found nothing. Gonna check out a bunch of LFS tomorrow.

I also sold the Canister filter awhile back... I instead picked up a Marineland Penguin 350B filter at Petsmart for 25 bucks on sale. Pretty good find.

Gonna add a few pics soon...

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A few pic updates...

tank being ready to filled up. I used just Eco-Complete. I was gonna do a natural tank, but I liked the look of the black with the blue background. I bought way too much substrate. I had 7 bags of Eco and I only needed 5.

Tank all filled up....

Kinda cloudy right now... but I'm hoping the filter will take effect and in a couple days look crystal clear. I'm really glad I switched to this filter, though, as I think it's not really that bulky and HOB filters usually are. Pretty quiet, too.

Only downside is it's rated up to 70 gallons... I'm kinda under-filtered. But I'm gonna see what happens. I should have a pretty good plant load anyways and if it's a problem I think I might buy air circulation pump.
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I'd add a second filter tbh, better safe than sorry. Even if you can get away with the one filter....I prefer doing much higher turnover than necessary.

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I'm gonna see what happens before doing anything. I had tanks before with huge gaudy filters in them and it kinda stuck out in my aquascape and I hated it. Don't wanna deal with that again
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will be watching this one.

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Your gonna have about 60 PAR at the sub in there. You will need lots more circulation.
Lots of stemmed plants will help keep out algae, but I might suggest that in order to get more circulation, since it's got the wall at the right, you can put the filter on that end.
Then assist it by using a powerhead or Hydor wave maker type pump at the other end at the top facing the end/w the filter.

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Well, in terms of circulation, I ordered a smallish Aqueon Circulation Pump which is rated up to 40 gallons. Wasnt sure which one to go with since I already have a filter on that side of the tank.

I took back that horrible Marineland filter and switched it out for a Cascade brand 300 power filter. Works much better, is rated up to 100 gallons, and is pretty much completely silent. Also really glad that it doesn't take up much room inside the tank. Only the small intake tube. I think I'm also gonna order another one of these filters for the other side. Not sure yet.

A few picture updates... Sorry for the crappy quality my phone won't take pics right of the tank. not sure why. the lighting is always off.

Planting is still being worked out... I ordered a bunch of Dwarf Sag, Crypt Wendtii and a few Water Wisteria which I took out cause I didn't like. I then went up the LFS recently and picked up that bunch of Ludwigia along with a pretty cool piece of driftwood.

Still not sure if I'm liking it yet or not. I'm not great at aquascaping. I think I might try a simple tank just full of Sag and Jungle Vals.

I also sadly think I'm gonna have to invest in some glass canopy lids... I really don't like them, but I'm losing way too much water too quickly. I'm also gonna invest in some Seachem Flourish root tabs just to see if it will help boost growth at all when I do get everything all planned out and planted the way I like.

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I would invest in a canister filter to add filtration to the tank, rather than another hang on back...they are more customizable in terms of filter media, and generally do a better job of cleaning water, and the certainly offer more of an opportunity for biological filtration.

I have an Eheim 2217 on a 55 and a 75 and a 2215 that used to be on the 55, now its a spare. These are my favorite filters, they are silent and very versatile, easy to clean, easy to change media to whatever you want, and there's almost no bypass (all the water that goes through the filter goes through the media, doesn't leak around).

I originally had a PennPlax Cascade 700 canister filter or something, worked well for 6 years before springing a leak I couldn't fix...unlucky. There are many other brand filters out ther as well, all do a good job, but I just like Eheim Classics since I've started using them, very solid, simple, and effective construction.

As far as the planting of the tank, I think it looks good. Vals, sag, crypts, anubias, and a few stems will make a nice, lush scape...just have to give it time to fill in. I look forward to seeing this tank progress.

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