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chippie's 40 litre tank

Tank Specs:
Lighting 2x15 W (temp till i get my Aqualina 36W)
Filter Eheim 2006
Heater Jager 50W
Gravel ADA Aquasoil Amazonia and Power Sand Special

siamese fighters 2 males 1 female
1 bristole nose catfish
5 neon tetras


Bling Bling

Its been four days and the plants have grown so much ill uplod more pics tonight cause mates got my camera. Plan to get glosso in the foreground and co2 asap

Comments and suggestions are welcome

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siamese fighters 2 males 1 female
You have 2 males? Or did you mean 2 females? 2 males will probably fight to the death if kept together

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depends how ur males react with one another i have 2 in there but they dont fight very friendly towards one another ill be geting show quality fighters soon
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Hi chippie looking good.

check out my signature for the aussie way.

Nice work mate.
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will got on asap shake
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Although a bit bare, the tank is looking good.

But I would have to agree about the betta. I've always known 2 males to never get along. After all, that's why they are Siamese fighting fish.

125 gal (473 liter): Low Tech (1.5wpg PC for 10 hours, no CO2/ferts, gravel substrate), Equipment (72" Coralife PC, Eheim Pro II 2128 w/built in heater, FilStar XP3 w/Hydor ETH201 inline heater), Fish (6*Discus, 2*Angel, 5*Clown loaches, 4*L-018 Gold Nugget pleco, 1*L-260 Queen Arabesque pleco, 7*Cories, Farlowella cat)
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Letting to male bettas see each other like that is unnecessary, since the one has no where to run. And please don't add a female betta... They (male and female bettas) only come together in the wild to breed, but otherwise are very intolerant of each other. Believe me, I had a male kill a healthy female betta, ripping her to the flesh. It was awful, to say the least. It also appears the male's container isn't covered - he could jump out and get into a fight with the one in the tank (or he could jump onto the floor). I had a female betta who could get through a half-inch opening (she was quite a jumper).

And perhaps you would like to try fishless cycling in the future (I use it in all my tanks - just finished fishless cycling my 20-gallon, did a 100% water change, and was able to fully stock it immediately afterwards)? Cycling with fish, especially with goldfish in a small tank can get very icky.

On a happy note : The red male betta is really striking against the dark substrate.

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90g- 1 Shubunkin Goldfish, 1 Sarasa Common Goldfish, 2 Common Goldfish
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I'm guessing you're kind of new to the hobby, and what people have said here is good advice. Betta's really need to live solitary. If you look at betta breeders who make the show quality bettas you're looking for (pic below), you'll notice they're always seperated at all times. If you like bettas and you need to have more than one, get a few 2-5gallon betta bowls, put them around the house in a temperature controlled area and let them show you their fins. Good luck with your fish!

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Two males can be kept together, but not in that small of a tank. it can be done, but not easily.

there is a few cases of a few males in a large(180+g) tank that lived happilly together.

to tell the truth, the fight is almost gone out of common petshop bettas.
that's why they're breeding plakats(short finned, very aggressive), they are true fighters.

Steve irwin- a father, a hero, a memory now. -We'll miss you mate
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