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Following along on this one. Hopefully you get the tank gash free this time. Sending waves of good luck your way man.

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I'm thinking about doing almost this exact setup. Same tank, same stand. What is this stand made of? Particle board? I see it for 216 on amazon. I just want to make sure its a quality piece.
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Originally Posted by Positron View Post
I'm thinking about doing almost this exact setup. Same tank, same stand. What is this stand made of? Particle board? I see it for 216 on amazon. I just want to make sure its a quality piece.
Positron the stand is made of solid wood. My only complaint is that it does not have a a solid piece of wood across the top. The top is open, with supports around the outside.

Sorry for the longgggg delay. Life got itself in one big hurry, and I have been slowly accumulating pieces to finally get going on this tank.

Yesterday I decided it was time to get moving on this tank. First stop was my local supermarket to pick up the distilled water needed to fill the tank and canister filter. The looks I was getting from other patrons was worth the price alone. The cashier asked me what it was all for, and I replied "The apocalypse is coming" with a creepy voice and one twitching eye.

Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0487.jpg
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Then I needed to figure out how I was going to set up my drift wood... this was what I came up with.
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0488.jpg
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ID:	221594

I threw some black flourite in where I wanted to build the mound, here is the overhead shot with all the magical goodies... Borneowild Bacter Crystals and Mosura Old Sea Mud.
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0490.jpg
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Then came the Aquasoil...
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0496.jpg
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ID:	221570

I threw water in last night, and have been letting the filter run trying to clear up the water. Any pointers on cleaning up the murky layer off the surface? I raised the lily pipe to churn more of the top layer, not sure what else I can do. Here are the first pictures with water in tank. Sorry for the iphone pictures, I'll break out the dslr once things clear up.

View from direct front:
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0501.jpg
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ID:	221578

View from left side, where living room seating is:
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0502.jpg
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ID:	221586

I'm still not sure on the rainbow rock, any thoughts on that? I wanted a viewing platform up close near the corner so hopefully I can get some decent macro shots later on.

So a few questions now for you guys...

1. How to get rid of the murky top layer on top of the water from the aquasoil?
2. Thoughts on the rainbow rock?
3. I have the SaltyShrimp remineralizer now, seems pretty pointless to use that until a week or so before I add shrimp?
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You can take a wet/dry vac and lightly skim the muck off the surface of the water. I would get rid of the rainbow rock personally, it just doesn't fit with the wood you have in there.

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i would also remove the rainbow rocks. too much contrast is distracting to me.
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I agree with getting rid of the rock. On your first picture for a split second I thought why is he cycling with slabs of steak lol.

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Yup, pull the rock. You shoul be able to find something more like dark slate that will be flat and provide a nice feeding surface without being so distracting to the eye!
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I have the same stand with and similar tank - just the full 24" tall. The stand is nice, but the paint does seems to chip around base so be careful when moving it.

To skim the surface use a siphon vacuum placed into a larger glass jar. Lower just an edge of the jar into the water and it will pull only the surface into the water. It works fairly well and minimized disturbing the substrate.
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Well the people spoke and I listened! I took the rock out of the tank tonight. Perhaps it will find a home in my 9 gallon evolve when I redo that one.

I pulled some cryptocoryne wendtii "green gecko" out of my bowfront and placed it in the back middle behind the drift wood. So far, I am thinking of having a line of crypts along the back mid and to the left wall. I am going to pick up a green tiger lotus as a background plant in the back right of the tank.

So now that leaves me with right, right front, and the "Y" area of the drift wood to fill with plants. I think I may keep the front left (where the rainbow rock was) somewhat bear, and place a feeding dish there.

I am more than open of what plants to throw in the right, right front, and Y area - any ideas?

I was thinking Marsilia Minuta in the front right and have that grow towards the right side, and then Hydrocotyle Leucocephala (Brazilian Pennywort) to grow in the Y area of the driftwood. I am not sure if I have enough lighting for these plants though.

Side note - Current USA - where are our pro timers?! I cannot wait to have these set up on a 24 hour light cycle.

Also, from a fauna perspective... I am up in the air between a super tiger/OEBT tank and a King Kong/Wine Red/Blue Bolt Mischling tank.

So, TPT - Plant suggestions? Any points to sway me on my shrimp debate?
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Ok TPT, a little bit of an update... The tank is still cycling, so no fauna yet. I've decided this will be a taiwan bee tank, as the parameters will be perfect for them.

In place of the rainbow rock, I found a few smaller pieces of drift wood to intermingle. The tank is going through a bacteria bloom right now, I will post pictures once that has cleared up.

I've ordered some plants to go with the Crypt Wendtiii Green along the back middle:

Staurogyne Repens - This will go along the right side
Crypt Wendtii Green - to bulken up what I have planted in the back
Crypt Wendtii Florida Sunset - I am going to put this in along the left side
Nymphaea stellata Dwarf Water Lily - This will go in the back right corner
Red Root Floaters

Last edited by Dave6265; 11-11-2013 at 02:58 AM. Reason: Took an item out, did not order
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....and we're still leaching tons of ammonia.

1 Week ago, I put a seasoned piece of filter into my eheim and let it run, and I still see little to no change in ammonia levels of 4 ppm. I read that the aquasoil will leach, but was not expecting a month +.
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It took three months before my Amazonia settled down to acceptable stability, even with Powersand Special under it.

I've never regretted over engineering a system, but often regretted under engineering one.

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Eesh! Well, I'll have plenty of time to find a good breeder for my shrimp and plant this tank up?

I was expecting a month, but this just keeps going.
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So I thought it was due time for me to update this thread. I took all of your input into thought, and found two smaller pieces of driftwood to place in the front left corner - hopefully to have the effect that the existing driftwood rooted under the substrate and came back up.

The tank was planted the second week of November. Here are some updated shots of it planted...




I let the plants grow in for about a month, and then wanted to add some live stock. You know, other than the misc snails that came in on the plants.

I added 2 zebra otos and 4 reg otos...

All the while I was tracking ph, gh, and TDS. My GH has been bouncing between 5-6 and TDS are around 150. Now, if you were observant while checking things out you may have noticed a few small things creeping about...

Yup! About a week ago I added some Taiwan Bee Shrimp. Mainly stripe and BKK variety, with 2 blue bolts thrown in. I'd love to find some reds, but will in due time when I can source some.

My photography is NO where near the level of some of the other shrimpers around here, but here goes:

My blue bolts were particularly friendly today... I've read that it takes 3-4 weeks for them to get fully comfortable and perhaps start breeding. Fingers crossed!
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